Navigate innovation's oceans, globally

Navigate innovation's oceans, globally

Leverage 33INSIGHTS' graph' data to solve your challenges in innovation and digitization.

Your one STOP shop to innovation

Leveraging Science at Work with our academic partners, we have developed an integrated framework to decipher innovation, which surpasses by more than 10x (speed, depth, coverage) all previous methods.

At startup level, we call this framework, the Business Graph' of Innovation.

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introducing the Business graph' of innovation



We capture organization's own properties: incorporation form, date, location, website, products...

People Graph'

We analyze organization's people: their degrees, their jobs, their entrepreneurial journey...

Asset Graph'

We analyze organization's assets: patented tech and brands, scientific papers,  publications...

Finance Graph'

We analyze organization's funding and financing: their shareholders, their financial events, their structuration with recursive loops on investors and their portfolio companies.

Cinetics Graph'

From unstructured dataflows such as press, we identify traction metrics, qualifying how organizations perform. This brings a whole new way to look at startups and innovation.

Freshest insights

We capture data from more than 3 billion websites. We rely on neural nets and advanced NLP algorithms to generate unparalleled insights.

GET UNIQUE INSIGHTS at ecosystem level

At ecosystem level, we combine all granular information resulting from startups: we call this the Ecosystem Graph' of Innovation.
It's an amazing high-density Graph' with billions of interconnected nodes, which our algorithms and experts help:

  • explore to see future trends
  • predict competitors' future moves
  • detect future investments opportunities
  • and recommend actions


We add data on a daily basis to our platform. The following metrics are provided as an example of our coverage and reach.
Last update: June 10th, 2021.

300,000 startups

So far, we focus on Europe with more than 300,000 startups which profile is being fully generated based (and then monthly updated) on the Business Graph' of innovation. We are to expand further soon.

39 million entries

So far, we have an exhaustive coverage of open data in France with 21 millions companies, 15 million patents, 3 million brands. We are to expand further soon.

3 billion websites

Every month, we update data from any single website on the globe (approx. 3 bn). We also leverage powerful press APIs to capture millions of news items in 55 countries from 75,000 sources.


We have a strong focus on R&D to power unprecedented Business Intelligence analysis at scale.
Last update: June 10th, 2021.


We heavily rely on the latest NLP - Natural Language Processing - to reveal hidden patterns, cross-relate data and generate new insights: Word vectors, Transformers... We are native Python speakers, with a strong focus on AI algorithms and mathematics.

Ingestion & Graph'

We ingest loads of data, requiring a significant storage and computational power. We are weaving a huge interconnected Graph of innovation, disambiguating entities, linking them to each other. We rely on GPU and High Performance Computing.


Raw data is a first step. Pre-analyzed data based on relevant scoring is a second step. We are working on it with academic partners. We deeply believe on R&D as a driving force towards higher value generation hence our Science at Work program.

What types of customers do we serve?

We help them navigating startups' oceans

Corporate STRATEGY

We help you decipher innovation trends and reveal yet hardly visible patterns.

You identify opportunities and threats ahead of time. You enhance decision making and strategic thinking with data driven insights.

You can map innovation at the speed of thought. You define industry or market segments, add some company examples, and voilà! You're done, our algorithms expand your analysis at scale.

Corporate R&D

We help you screen specific sectors at large, to identify the latest innovation trends and teams in their field.

You benchmark innovation and highlight patented technologies, at an unprecedented scale. You benefit from a systematic and fast coverage of you innovation universe, and keep your employees focused on analysis instead of data aggregation.

Open innovation

We assist corporations' labs or startups programs to increase the breadth and quality of their dealflow.

You pro-actively target potential candidates, which might be a perfect fit. This is startups' hunting accelerated by powerful NLP algorithms.


We work with corporate M&A teams , or with banks, to identify under-the-radar targets which are usually tech companies, with a valuation lower than $100m.

You get a profile for each of those targets encompassing HR, patents, brands, press, funding... You identify easily their competitors. You assess market trends. You dramatically boost your productivity.

Venture capital

While some investors follow other VCs, we work with VCs who want to lead the game.

Let's facilitate dealflow management. You get a comprehensive profile for each of  targets. You easily identify competitors and market trends. You save time and can meet more companies.

Let's facilitate portfolio management. You get  auto-updates on each line. You map your portfolio with powerful visualization based on valuation multiples and invested money. You cross-reveal data like never before.

universities & labs

Most universities and R&D centers across the world face the same issue regarding the way they leverage their IP from knowledge to business value. We help them transferring the right IP to the right companies.

You can check which technological class gains momentum on the market. You can follow smart money to develop R&D with recently funded startups... You stay closer to the markets.


Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind any single innovation. While most of our customers fuel innovation with capital, we fuel entrepreneurs with insights, so that they can find the adequate resources to make their vision come true.

You identify investors having an appetite for companies close to yours. You can track your competitors. You can benchmark yourself compared to peers to generate regular reports to your board. You get an external assessment useful to your banker. You can spot hires. You can identify  companies to build enriched solutions so as to enter new markets.

Why our customers work with us?

We play to our strengths. We deliver actionable insights.

Damien Granet
MH Lab 78 @LVMH

Corporate Open Innovation at LVMH

"We work with 33INSIGHTS since we launched our corporate Open innovation lab in 2015, located in our HQ in Paris. They have an outstanding understanding of global ecosystems and provide us with unparalleled information in our industry. In our sector, their database is far more exhaustive than competitors, and their insights both actionable and relevant."

David Alayon
Group Innovation @Inditex

Corporate Innovation at Inditex (Zara)

"We have been impressed by the quality and the execution speed of 33INSIGHTS. They have been able to join our innovation network to help us identifying, exploring and assessing new solutions, in various locations: Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia."

Eric Landais
CEO @Suez Ventures

Corporate Venture Fund at Suez

"The guys at 33INSIGHTS provided us with new targets and opportunities. Their work is very promising. We strongly believe they will deliver value over the long run, by broadening our dealflow and enriching its assessment."

Jens Lapinski
MD @Techstars Berlin

Venture Capital Fund with Techstars Metro Accelerator

"Together with METRO's, we have worked with 33INSIGHTS to map potential candidates throughout Europe for our joint accelerator program based in Berlin. They have been instrumental in targeting the right startups and spotting successful mentors who now act as mentors in our program."

Gregory Castelli
Founder @Somm'it


"I know the team behind 33 since june 2014. They are entrepreneurs themselves. They have pivoted in early 2016, to focus on big data and intermediation. They have a unique sense of how creating value between startups and corporations. They helped me attracting new investors, leveraging the right insight at the right time."

Navigate innovation's oceans with 33INSIGHTS

Leverage 33insights' graph' data to solve your challenges in innovation and digitization.